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flowervie said: hey!! i was wondering if you could help me out a bit. so i'm on my university equestrian team, showing in hunter equitation flat classes, and since its my first time showing, i was wondering if you knew hat kinds of things that judges would ask me to do, as well as what they look at. thanks a million<3

Hey there! For hunt seat, judges normally look for quiet riders, meaning immobile legs and hands. They also like your leg to be underneath you, and a quiet flat back. The biggest difference for me was keeping my feet absolutely still in the sitting trot. It’s not easy! Anyway, for a flat class the judge will ask you to walk, trot, and canter, as well as canter to walk or walk to canter. Same with walk to trot. It really depends on what level you’re in. You may also be asked to go into jump position, sit the trot, reverse at the walk, and halt. And depending on the level, you may have to do no stirrup work! But it’s not that bad because you’re only riding for 10 minutes. At the end of the class they ask you to line up facing the judge and then they’ll place you right there in the ring.

Hope this helps!

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I made that post in July 2013.

At least it’s popular on Facebook! 

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flowervie said: Hey! I need some advice haha bc i love your blog. I'm riding for the first time in over a month on saturday, since i fell while jumping and got a pretty nasty concussion. I'm really, really nervous to jump again. Any tips? Thanks love x

Hello there! The best advice I could give you is to just grit your teeth and do it. You’re going to be uncomfortable, and it will be scary. But in your situation, the biggest obstacle is your mind. Don’t get in the way of yourself! Depending on what’s available to you, try to ride a horse you trust, or better yet, ride an old packer that knows his job and does crossrales and verticals for days. The right equine partner makes all the difference. Right now it’s important to build your confidence back up on a safe mount, which I’m sure your instructor understands. So starting slow is key. When you start jumping again, focus on what to do right rather than what you did wrong. Try to put it out of your mind. You know you can jump, so take that knowledge and run with it! 

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I find it interesting that horses will be scared of plastic bags and flower pots but if a zombie or an axe murderer walks up to them they’ll be like”Hey dude, got a cookie?”

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"Good riders know when to quit."

My trainer

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Just a diagram describing my summer and the summers of horse people everywhere.

Just a diagram describing my summer and the summers of horse people everywhere.

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"All horses do is go lame, get sick, and die."

My friend, a second year vet student at Michigan State

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iamsummerholic said: Hello there, I found your blog this morning and made it my mission to go through all 39 pages of your blog, I do not regret anything. It's hilarious and so relatable, I hope you're doing well and you keep posting! P.S. Topaz is absolutely beautiful

This is the nicest message EVER!!! Thank you so so much!! This just made my whole week. Here, have a kiss from Aladdin :)

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